Heat Booth Reservation


Make a statement! Come out to “HEAT” The Glö Up Party in style and enjoy your night! Going out shouldn’t be hard. Reserve one of our VIP booths, sit back, enjoy the service and the evening!

With your Booth Reservation you receive: 

  • VIP Access to the Venue (Separate VIP/Reservation line)
  • Reserved roped off booth/seated area with Security
  • Dedicated Server, no need to go to the bar for drinks
  • Bottle Service/Drink Service
  • A variety of mixers

**Your payment covers the cost of the reservation of this booth. Drinks/Bottles and admission tickets to this event are sold separately and can be purchased HERE

About the Event

Once a year in August, for the past 50+ yeas The T-dot, The 6ix, Our City hosts one of the largest Caribbean Carnival Celebrations in North America. This is the ONLY Caribana Fête where you can Truly be Yourself!!!

“HEAT” ~ The Glö Up Party ~Saturday   August 4th, 2018

#BeThereBeYou #LGBTQ


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Booth /Bottle Service Rules and Regulations” @The Phoenix Night Club.

  • Bottle service is only available in the bottle service area (there is no bottle service available at the bars)
  • All booths require a 2x bottle minimum (6-8 persons), larger parties may require a larger bottle minimum
  • All booths are served on a “cash and carry” basis, Bottles are paid for at the venue
  • Customers are welcome to run tabs, however they will need to provide both a credit card and a drivers license for the bottle service staff to hold on to at the beginning of the night and keep it until the tab is closed
  • All bottles are decanted at the booth in front of the customer, upon delivery of the bottle (there is no glass allowed in the venue)
  • All bottle service serving items (carafes, mix, liquor, etc) are required to stay at the designated booth in the bottle service area.  Once the bottle is decanted, patrons are not allowed to walk around the venue with the liquor in the carafe
  • Last call for bottle service is at 1:30am, the bottle is delivered to the table by 1:45am and everything is cleared from the booth (including liquor) by 2:45am to abide by the AGCO guidelines for signs of service.
  • All pre-booked bottle service booths must arrive at the venue by 12:30am.  After this point in time, the booth will be released to the general public. Your payment will not be refunded.

Below is the bottle service menu.  It includes 13% tax and 18% gratuity.




Booth Reservation